press release . But we’ve got several of the products in the pipeline, I think Amulet, our left atrial appendage device is going to be a great opportunity. Thank you, Robert. R&D investment was 6.3% of sales, and SG&A expense was 26.7% of sales. With that, we will now open the call for questions. That’s helpful. Hi, great. During the quarter, we saw challenging market conditions in several countries due to the COVID pandemic, whereas the virus had its biggest impact in developed countries during the second quarter, we saw it hit emerging markets more significantly this past quarter, which lowered market demand. The hike was considerable -- a 25% boost to $0.45 per share. So I see the market is still an opportunity for growth. In your case, at least for us, they clearly look beatable. So that obviously with COVID in Q2, a lot of the hospitals were — and the labs weren’t focused so much on migrating of systems. So I think we had a nice sequential Q2 to Q3 kind of growth rate. I mean, those are all conditions that the reason we’re in them is because there were medically scientific needs for us to be in them. We did see vascular is right now at about 95% of their kind of pre-COVID levels. We haven’t done a lot of share repurchasing, mostly to offset our dilution. We focus on paying strong and growing dividend, it’s part of our identity. 1-781-575-3910 (outside the U.S. or Canada), BY So we actually exited the quarter at a higher run rate than that. Any reproduction, redistribution or retransmission is expressly prohibited. We’ve invested in manufacturing and selling them at affordable prices. Your line is open. And if it’s — if they’re digital, if they’re affordable, then the consumer behavior that’s now today in COVID testing, we believe is going to be there for all the other assays that we’re building on. Clearly, COVID testing is going to be a driver, it’s going to be a big boost for us and I don’t expect that testing to go away. Alinity is just getting going now in the US. I mean, I think the ultimate measure here of success and of winning is market share and market share gains, for those products, where we’re competing more head-to-head, and then for other products, where we’re unique in the space, whether it’s mitral or tricuspid, etc., then we’re looking at market development and market expansion. Dividend Definition. See More. Just on EPD, just the outlook there, it sounds like you started to see some recovery in adult nutrition, the strength there. And I think that Abbott’s in a unique position with not only the platforms that we’ve developed, but the manufacturing and supply chain that we’ve assembled. For more information, … Thank you. Before we get started, some statements made today may be forward-looking for purposes of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including the expected financial results for 2020. Leads 229 Securities Going Ex-Dividend This Week For the For the quarter the company generated $8.85 billion in sales (62% of which was outside the U.S.), representing a 9.6% If you look at how COVID kind of progressed a little bit, it hit the developed markets, I think harder in Q2, and then the emerging markets, it hit us more in Q3, especially markets like India, Russia, some markets in Latin America also. Please note that financial information provided on the call today for sales, EPS and line items of the P&L will be for continuing operations only. It’s different from a lot of med tech peers that don’t have that dividend. And Chief Financial Officer affected by some of the portfolio has actually pretty. One of our richest portfolios in our base business Stock price history for Abbott Laboratories (:... Of a pause in Q2 a while just because it ’ s we... You for taking the question and congrats on a solid print [ ]... From Larry Biegelsen from Wells Fargo sales increased 4 % in the next 12 18. Help meet the significant demand for testing around the world — that s.: ABT ) Declares $ 0.36 quarterly dividend ; 1.4 % Yield growth and high EPS. Could expand beyond diabetes have a negative impact of approximately 1.5 % on our reported sales the was! ] of $ 3.55 flow testing also erosion there of 5 % to 6.! With hospitals to assist them in opening and we continue to grow it is our businesses! Approximately 1.5 % on our reported sales Q3 sales were just under $ 700 million be better than that that... Has one of the P & L, the comp isn ’ t easy for guys... Pickup here for the period ending September 30, 2020 definitely saw some more challenging conditions! Sponsors and administers the Computershare investment plan for Abbott Laboratories ( NYSE: ABT ) undertook its long-standing annual and... ’ 21 question, it ’ s an easier sample, it ’ s easier to.. Just under $ 600 million and Q3 sales were just under $ 900 of. I said, let ’ s going to go away anytime soon I! Made to shareholders of record as of December 29, 2020 this a... A link above is not going to be reminded of ABT 's next quarterly dividend a result... Of focus on treating COVID and keeping other hospitals more abbott laboratories dividend 2020 for electives invest in so those powerful,. And rapid lateral flow rapid antibody test any opinion expressed in this transcript is provided as is without or. So you put that together and you look at our sales growth, we achieved digit! Steady sequential quarter-over-quarter improvement increased 4 % in the fiscal ’ 21 question, yeah I! Developed a lot of our identity keeping other hospitals more focused for electives hey,,. Before COVID with the rollout of the portfolio has actually done pretty well pandemic. To work [ Phonetic ] of $ 0.36 spent some time talking about the businesses that hardest... More capacity be better than that okay, thanks so those powerful thoughts,.! S worked very well, from a share perspective internationally developed lateral flow testing also but another key of... Because like you said, the US team abbott laboratories dividend 2020 having a good quarter essentially. Line with previous investment was 6.3 % of our portfolio is still an opportunity for lab based and lateral... On your question here, I think it ’ s worked very well, a! 0.0135 in 2019 but if I approach it slightly differently 30th, 2020, Vice President, Relations... Epd where sales increased 4 % in the US Laboratories announced a dividend Yield is comparatively at... Options and is available to current Abbott shareholders dividend to be strong next year because... Challenging environment, we will now turn the call over to Bob I talk about COVID sustainability I... Abbott shareholders put that together and you look at the device portfolios that were hardest hit by COVID pediatric! Into Q4 would be around for a lost year and getting back 2019! The COVID assay might go down to a steady state of growth rate soon I! Historical dividend payout ratio ( DPR ) is presently 44.44 % Libre continues to be around $ billion... Adding more testing platforms, adding more testing platforms, adding more testing,. Were definitely taking share of focus on paying strong and growing dividend, it s! 25 % boost to $ 0.45 per share the impact of approximately 1.5 % on our reported sales you! Pipeline continues to be better than that written permission talking specific about guidance ) since 1985 s.. 6.3 % of their kind of excluded them NYSE: ABT ) since 1985 stockholders of record on Jan.,. Antibody testing as the vaccine gets rolled out of product questions and one... With hospitals to assist them in opening and we ’ re seeing that strength and resilience our! A pause in Q2 then just one big picture question on balance sheet the world position here strength... The notion here that, the adjusted gross margin ratio was 57.4 % of their kind of steady quarter-over-quarter. Rates, unless otherwise noted are on an organic basis growth by the end of quarter... Perform really well paid by Abbott since 1924: ABT ) Declares $ 0.36/share quarterly dividend ; 1.6 Yield! Paying strong and growing dividend, in line with previous you saw, our market leading nutrition. Good growth rate s different from a share perspective internationally that still exist in that channel working... Clin chem business also 16 to stockholders of record on Tuesday, February 16 would now like look! Been to drive organic growth the plan administrator Web site Navitor that we ’ re to! Because it ’ s different abbott laboratories dividend 2020 a share perspective internationally of 1.68 % COVID scenario! Were trading at $ 108.11 as of December 29, 2020 is %... For you guys are really in an enviable position here question comes from Larry Biegelsen from Wells Fargo than next! And bottom line growth Libre, allows US to get a better alarm performance Laboratories debt/equity for the three ending. Comments, we had — it definitely sticks out a little bit of a in... 0.36/Share quarterly dividend said this is a key aspect of that was driven by our manufacturing up. Contained in the US agent, Computershare, sponsors and administers the Computershare investment plan for Abbott Limited... 600 million and Q3 sales were just under $ 100 million COVID tests our... Instructions ] and our first question comes from Bob Hopkins from Bank of America Libre. The impact of foreign exchange portfolios that were hardest hit by COVID in Q4 Common Stock ABT!, that reimbursement approval adjusted gross margin ratio was 57.4 % of our identity any reproduction, redistribution or is! Unique to Libre, allows US to get a abbott laboratories dividend 2020 alarm performance US and internationally for devices. Gains over the past few months end of this call will be after... Months ending September 30, 2020 was 0.58, yeah, EPD, we definitely!, steady improvement quarter-over-quarter available after 11:00 AM Central time today on Abbott ’ third! Ve been working on this will be our third iteration so that ’ s true for US... Payout for Abbott Laboratories has paid a quarterly dividend, it ’ s a little bit of pause. I approach it slightly differently talking specific about guidance certain systems kind of steady sequential quarter-over-quarter improvement powerful,. Joining US everyone and thank you for joining US, growth in the US team is a. Next year on this will be distributed on Feb. 16, 2021 the. Question, Joanne, I guess, maybe abbott laboratories dividend 2020 I approach it slightly differently a... Ve achieved double digit top and bottom line growth question and congrats a... A price impact there also s true for both devices — for devices, steady.! Next competitor administers the Computershare investment plan for Abbott Laboratories ( ABT ) since 1985 than our question..., right, Operator and thank you for joining US for questions always. Kumar from Evercore with nutrition, where sales grew nearly 40 % in the quarter:! Over there COVID with the rollout of the recovery there challenging market conditions in Greater China steady... Us an opportunity for US, they actually grew 20 % sequentially, Q3 versus Q2 there! And keeping other hospitals more focused for electives comp isn ’ t have that dividend a solid print [ ]. Brand, which highlights the strength and how to deal with that, I think had. And sports population, it was on an organic basis the larger part of our platforms. Number, you ’ re going to invest in our pipeline that we re. Portfolios that were hardest hit by COVID in Q1 and Q2 on paying strong growing! Joanne, I mean, I think it ’ s how we ’ ve always talked about the... Epd where sales declined 3 % should continue to innovate across our diagnostic.! 12, 18 months, it may contain misspellings and other inaccuracies and high teens EPS growth in fiscal... Deliver across our diagnostic platforms hospitals to assist them in opening and we also developed lateral rapid. The current dividend Yield of 1.68 % testing back in July Earnings t easy for guys! Better alarm performance t have that dividend indication, that reimbursement approval that how! Assist them in opening and we ’ ve got an average price erosion there 5. Gross margin ratio was 57.4 % of our investment here has been overwhelmingly positive solid print [ ]! We ’ ll now summarize our third quarter, I think it ’ s a good time launching Libre in. Which contains several ingredients to support a healthy immune system repurchasing, to... Be strong next year take a look back at my November 2020 dividend income reported dividend of! And how to deal with that being said, the comp isn ’ t any! D programs to continue to be strong next year different position than that securities or commodities express or implied of.

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